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About us

Increase of energy supply reliability in the city and promotion of public utility services to a new higher quality level with no tariff run-ups and jumps.

• modernization of basic facilities and equipment;
• expansion and evolvement of public utility infrastructure to match the long-term urban development requirements;
• promotion of investments into the projects of upgrading and development of public utility infrastructure;
• customer-oriented and customer-friendly procedures;
• ensuring of loss-free operation without any burden on the city budget.

• Customer-driven business
  – Convenient feedback processes
  – 24/7 sustainable power supplies
  – Maximum living comfort through heat supplies
  – High-quality drinking water in every household
  – Better health conditions in Lipetsk through sanitation improvement
  – Non-discriminatory access to the utility infrastructure
• Highest utility standards
  – Reliable supplies of power, heat and water, and shorter breakdown periods
  – Lower expenses for emergency repairs and reduction of water and power losses
  – Introduction of industry benchmarking practices as one of the most effective development tools

Our strategic priorities:
1. Customer focus
  – Comprehensive customer services (power, heat, water and sanitation)
  – Faster responds to customer feedback
  – Creation of a quality management system
  – Development of a customer support system
  – End-to-end customer care, including related services and fast problem solving
2. Utility network modernization
  – Defining modernization priorities to achieve service reliability and quality targets
  – Improvement of power, water and sanitation schemes and capacity utilization
  – Adoption of advanced engineering solutions
  – Taking advantage of debt financing opportunities to avoid tariff hikes
3. Utility infrastructure development in line with urban planning
  – Active involvement in the development of the Municipal Infrastructure Master Plan
  – Engagement with other power suppliers to meet growing power demand
4. Efficient resource and risk management
  – Cost optimization, reduction of overhead costs (power losses, etc.), and structural improvement
  – Synergies between all utility services
  – Uniform approach to procurement and cash flow management across all business units
  – Adoption of production management best practices
  – Adoption of an efficient cash flow management system
  – Profitability improvement through better cost efficiency and new pricing methods
  – Building employee competencies and forming a talent pool to achieve long-term corporate goals
  – Raising the business case investment potential

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