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LMEC Continues to Sponsor a Champion


Aleksander Pariy, General Director of Lipetsk Municipal Energy Company, congratulated Yuri Chepetz, a famous Lipetsk weight-lifter, on his latest athletic victory. Recently, the legendary strongman from our hometown took part in the Power-lifting World Cup competitions in Krasnodar, thanks to financial support from LGEK. For Yuri Chepetz, it's the second tournament which has been sponsored by Lipetsk Municipal Energy Co.
In Krasnodar, the 69-year-old athlete became an overall winner in bench press, having beaten not only the participants under 75 kilograms in his age category, but also the contestants over 40 years of age in all weight groups. On top of that, the ‘Iron Old Man' upgraded two world records in bench press, 138 kg and 140.5 kg. Now, the strongman from Lipetsk has 124 world records under his belt.
On November 6-11, 2012 Yuri Chepetz will be in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) to participate in the World Power-lifting Congress. Again, Lipetsk Municipal Energy Co. will provide its financial aid to sponsor this trip for our renowned compatriot. According to Yuri's words, he is going to not only bring home a champion's title, but to set up at least six new world records in power-lifting and bench press.

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