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Annual Meeting of the Company’s Shareholders


The 2013 general annual meeting of LGEK shareholders took place on May 26, 2013. As per the agenda, the following documents were reviewed and approved by the participants: the annual report of the Company for 2012 and the financial report for 2012 including profit and loss statement. The meeting made a decision regarding the distribution of earnings for 2011. As in previous years, there will be no dividend payments. The earned profit will stay in the Company to be used for financing its capital investments. The shareholders approved a new auditor ("AZHUR-Lipetsk" LLC) to perform mandatory due diligence procedures pertaining to the Company's accounting and financial statements for 2013.
The shareholders' meeting elected a new Board of Directors which now includes Nikolay F. Korvyakov, Vladimir A. Migita, Aleksander V. Pariy, Suren A. Saakyan, Sergey N. Troshkin,  Nikolay N. Shilin and Sergey G. Argentov. A newly elected Review and Revision Committee consists of Arkady K. Strizhevsky, Natalya A. Volosnykh and Elena V Haritonova.

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